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5/25/2019 1:49 pm  #1

Expedition GPS Data to B&G H3000 GFD

We have a B&G H2000 w/ Performance Processor, four 20/20's on the mast, two H2000 FFD's, and one H3000 GFD in the cockpit. Navigation is provided by a Garmin GPSMAP 700 series. The B&G and Garmin are connected to the computer with a Moxa Nport, each with their own serial connection over wifi.

When sending Expedition external channels through the B&G, I have had no problems displaying information on any of the H2000 devices. The H3000 device however, will freeze frequently when asked to display Expedition data. The H3000 GFD will display info from the Garmin, freezing occasionally. 

I plan to display Target BSP and Target TWA on one H2000 FFD, and WS and TWD on the other.

I would like to display Mark Range, Bearing, VMC, and more from Expedition on the H3000 FFD. I can set Expedition to send GPS info to the B&G, which results in alternating messages between Expedition and the Garmin. If no waypoint is selected on the Garmin, it sends an "off" message. Even if the Garmin's NMEA 0183 settings are switched to "none", it still sends the "off" message.

The only fix I have found is to unplug the signal wire from Garmin to B&G. I would prefer a more permanent fix. Perhaps an inline switch could be installed to turn on the Garmin signal when the computer is not in use?

That said, Expedition does not appear to send SOG/COG and some other data to the B&G. I see that under NMEA settings, there are options for which GPS data is sent. Is this possible in B&G Settings?


5/25/2019 1:55 pm  #2

Re: Expedition GPS Data to B&G H3000 GFD

Make sure you don't select the Refresh tags and send alternating tags options selected in the Exp external channels settings page. H2000 had a lot of network problems with these.

You can't send nav data to H2000 perf using the HLink connection, just to external channels. It will accept nav data over NMEA as you have found.


5/25/2019 3:00 pm  #3

Re: Expedition GPS Data to B&G H3000 GFD

Thanks Nick. I have noticed problems with tags, and will avoid.

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