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4/24/2019 6:35 am  #1

Route Leg Disappears At Large Scales in C-Map 4D

I finally sprung for a C-Map 4D MAX+ purchase and began operating Expedition 4D (10.10.14 4D) and I am going through the learning processes associated with that transition. Thanks to the excellent instructional materials from Nick and Will Oxley and the Expedition interface with the C-Map store I was able to successfully install C-Map 4D MAX+ charts on the two PCs that I own, although the downloading required ice ages (as I had been warned that it would).  

I have run into a problem when zooming close in on a 4D chart in that route legs disappear as the chart scale grows larger. I am working with the C-Map 4D MAX+ EW-D226.43 chart package for "UK, IRELAND AND THE CHANNEL" and I am trying to set up possible marks for the Fastnet. The problem occurs when using the vector or the raster charts This problem does not occur when I try replicate it with US NOAA RNCs. 

Any ideas about what I might be doing wrong? Before actually downloading the charts and running Expedition 4D I updated my graphics drivers on both PCs, my house desktop and my boat-to-boat laptop.       


4/24/2019 12:37 pm  #2

Re: Route Leg Disappears At Large Scales in C-Map 4D

Email me some details, screen shots etc


4/25/2019 12:53 am  #3

Re: Route Leg Disappears At Large Scales in C-Map 4D

For what it is worth, I have been seeing the same thing happening for a while now. It seems it also depends on what region you are, at which zoomlevel the route diappears. I can be more specific later if you want.


4/25/2019 2:26 am  #4

Re: Route Leg Disappears At Large Scales in C-Map 4D

Thanks. It is all fixed now for the next update.

I hadn't noticed it before, but it resulted from C-Map not being able to give a position for some marks off the screen.


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