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1/30/2019 2:01 pm  #1

License and Dongle Questions

I will be purchasing Expedition shortly, possibly using the North U webinar discount or a one time transfer from a friend who no longer uses his licensed copy.

The installation would be on my J/109 having B&G instruments with H5000 Hercules processor.  The system has a router with an ethernet connection to the H5000 and a Microsoft Surface Pro docking station.   Thus the  Surface Pro 4  running Windows 10 Pro at the Nav station has websocket connection to the H5000 via wired ethernet.  Reading through the forum I see some have a dongle in the loop.  Some questions I would like to resolve.

1.  Is the dongle required for Expedition operation or just some of the chart sources? I will probably use the free NOAA charts on the PC that I have for OpenCPN,

2.  Since the Surface Pro 4 has a solid state drive and a separate MicroSD slot, I have configured the MicroSD slot as another 256gb drive that I can mirror.  Can this be a hot backup for Expedition, so that in the event of a failure, the chip can be moved to another PC and used?  (e.g. will it require a seperate license key to be entered?)

3.  How do I go about making a one-time permanent transfer from another user per the license agreement?
You may make a one-time permanent transfer of the Product to another user provided that you do not retain any copies of the Product or any of its components. 




1/30/2019 2:05 pm  #2

Re: License and Dongle Questions

The NorthU option isn't a discount as such. If you purchase through them, they credit you the cost of the webinar.

The dongle is just an option for the old C-Map MAX charts. The last update of these charts will be at the end of this year, so it isn't a long term chart solution anyway.

Yes, each computer requires a different key. All included in the purchase.

Just get the (previous) owner to confirm it etc.

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1/30/2019 2:09 pm  #3

Re: License and Dongle Questions

That was a quick response!  I'm drafting an email to you and will copy the current owner so a transfer may be made.


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2/11/2019 8:52 pm  #4

Re: License and Dongle Questions

It would be really great if we could have a dongle for our expedition license, easy to be able to use home / boat etc.  Something to consider someday maybe.


2/12/2019 5:14 pm  #5

Re: License and Dongle Questions

Zac, I am dead against dongles.  They are dreadful legacy technologies and prone to failure if moved around as you suggest.  And when they fail ......
Besides, in my view Nick is more than fair with his licensing arrangements, and what other software is there where a one-time purchase gives indefinite access to upgrades etc?


2/12/2019 6:21 pm  #6

Re: License and Dongle Questions

Good points Duncan! Totally agree...


2/12/2019 7:16 pm  #7

Re: License and Dongle Questions

Yes, dongles are the worst idea ever in a wet environment.

I've been mixed up in too many situation where B&G needed to ship a Dfw replacement dongle, which is always a more painful experience than getting a new software key. A lot of the Dfw dongle case was driven by C-Map Max, which is end of life - last updates at the end of this year.

Hence, Expedition uses software keys. It is easy to make new keys for home etc.


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