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11/14/2018 6:30 am  #1

Logging at more than 1Hz with H5000

I have a B&G H5000 connected to a GoFree Wireless, then connected by wifi/WebSocket to Expedition running on a Windows tablet. I am trying to log data at a rate greater than 1Hz in Expedition. I've tried setting the logging rate to between 2Hz and 5Hz, but there seem to be gaps in the log file on many of the channels when logging at any rate greater than 1Hz.

For example, the Lat/Lon channels seem to only be updated at 1Hz, yet I can see that the GPS pos update sentences are being sent on the N2K network at 10Hz. I've been told that the current H5000 firmware may limit the WebSocket GPS data rate to 1Hz.  

- Would either the Actisense N2k to USB adapter or an Hlink connection give a faster update rate and a more reliable connection?
- If so, which of those two would work best with Expedition?
- Will they conflict with the WebSocket connection if both are enabled at the same time?

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11/14/2018 11:41 am  #2

Re: Logging at more than 1Hz with H5000

It is apparently an issue in the current H5 firmware.

The Actisense would be the best solution and is arguably a better way to get GPS data into Exp anyway. 

You would then tell Exp not to use GPS data from the Websocket using the option on the instrument connection page.

You may also want to go into the NMEA 2000 settings for the Actisense connection and only select GPS related PGNs.


11/15/2018 5:28 am  #3

Re: Logging at more than 1Hz with H5000

Thanks Nick! 
I figured it was better for me to post my questions in the forum in case others had similar ones.

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