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9/11/2018 3:56 pm  #1

KND Sail Chart

I see Expedition can show KND sail charts. Does anyone know of a source that will generate a chart for a fee or free?


9/12/2018 6:34 pm  #2

Re: KND Sail Chart

Hi, KND themselves will do this for a fee. Otherwise, quite a few navigators around the world run the software themselves and might be able to do it for you. Where are you located?
KND contact is info@sailingperformance.com.



9/12/2018 11:10 pm  #3

Re: KND Sail Chart

BD, I know such KND crossover charts can be generated from csvs or from hand-sketches, I work with the KND software a fair bit and have produced many such charts.
But my question is why would you bother with a one-off KND chart?  The KND crossover functionality is only one part of an integrated sailing analysis/sail/polar/performance software package, and in isolation (IMO) little better than a *.csv crossover file which can be colour-coded using macros in Excel.  Again, if considered in isolation, in my view there are better ways to spend your yachting analysis effort.


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