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6/24/2018 5:57 pm  #1

Capturing time on logs

Strip Charts records the correct local time of the data in the logs. When I set a wand, it shows the correct time. But when I save a test, the screen showing the test data to be saved always shows time as 12:00 am. 
When I look at tests in Expedition, the time is not included in the data fields, even though it is checked to be displayed. There is not even the heading "Time"  with all fields filled in as 12:00 am. 
I suspect these are related issues and this may be a setting issue, but I have been unable to find the solution.


6/24/2018 7:48 pm  #2

Re: Capturing time on logs

Which version of Exp? It all seems ok here.

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6/25/2018 3:35 am  #3

Re: Capturing time on logs

Am using 10.7.19. The log files are saved by date and when I load them the time are visible. But somehow it is not included in what I save as a test. Small issue. Wondered if it is a setting I need to change.

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6/25/2018 4:43 am  #4

Re: Capturing time on logs

Not completely sure what you mean.

I use 10.8.11
When I set two wands in stripchart and click the 'save test to database' button a popup indicates all the data to be saved for the test, including the time of the 1st wand in UTC.  
Once I have saved the test and in Expedition go to Sail - Test I get a popup showing all saved tests and those include a column showing the local time (if you have setup Expedition to show local time). 
So all seems to work here as well.



6/25/2018 7:37 am  #5

Re: Capturing time on logs

The difference for me is that although strip charts shows the correct local time on the graphs and for the wands, when I click save and the window with the data to be saved opens, it always shows 12:00am. This happens even if I successively save multiple tests from the data line. It seems somehow the time data in strip charts is not recognized when it come time to save it.

The second issue is that, although I’ve indicated time as one of the fields to be displayed in the tasks, it does not appear In the table of test data.

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6/25/2018 8:07 am  #6

Re: Capturing time on logs

I recommend you first upgrade to the latest Expedition version. Takes only e few minutes and then we know if the problem still exists.

Furthermore: when you select the time period to be saved as test in stripchart,  are you sure you do not have 4 wands selected?  Does the intended area get shaded once declared as test?



6/25/2018 10:07 am  #7

Re: Capturing time on logs

I will upgrade and see if it continues.
The shaded area does show and everything works perfectly except seeing the time of the test. It’s a small nuisance that I’d like to eventually solve but it is not impairing the vast utility of the programs.

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6/25/2018 12:08 pm  #8

Re: Capturing time on logs

Yes, definitely update. I do recall there was an issue with one release, but it was quite a long time ago.


6/28/2018 3:01 pm  #9

Re: Capturing time on logs

Sorry, I wrote a reply but see it did not go through. The update solved it. Thanks a lot!!!

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