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4/13/2018 5:56 am  #1

Raymarine C120 chart pltter to expedition laptop?

I have older Raymarine instruments tied to a C120 chart plotter.  The chart plotter has a NEMA 0183 port currently talking to my VHF radio.  Can I just splice the output wires from the NEMA 0183 cable to the data wires of the USB cable to get boat information to my laptop/Expedition?  If I can are there settings I need to turn on so Expedition reads the information from the Raymarine Chart Plotter?  I don't care that Expedition sends information to the instruments.  I just want boat information sent to Expedition. 



4/13/2018 12:14 pm  #2

Re: Raymarine C120 chart pltter to expedition laptop?

Yes, you just need the NMEA TX and ground wires.

​I would strongly recommend an optically isolated adaptor to the computer. For example the NGW-1-USB or USG-2 from Actisense.



4/23/2018 3:24 am  #3

Re: Raymarine C120 chart pltter to expedition laptop?

Nick, thank you!  I purchased the Actisense USG-2.  Got it hooked up yesterday and the laptop is reading the information form the instruments.  Now I am ready to move to the next step in the learning process.  Again, Thank You for your help! 

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