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2/23/2018 2:17 pm  #1

Iridium GO as WiFi Access Point for boat's WLAN...


Underway, our Win10 laptop is typically connected to the Iridium GO WiFi (email etc). 

I have need to push a very small amount of periodic NMEA 0183 over UDP/WiFi to Expedition, and am attempting to test this with the GO off-vessel... it is off-season here so the SIM is expired, no satellite WAN connection. 

With the GO powered up, I am able to get an IPhone connected to the GO WiFi and the app is functional.  So I assume the GO DHCP is dishing out an IP address to the IPhone.

The Win10 PC will connect to the WiFi, but is unable to acquire an IP address.

Any of this sound a familiar?  Is an activated SIM required in the GO as a condition of allowing the Win10 PC to function on the GO's WLAN?

With the PC situation sorted, I will then attempt to connect the NMEA 0183 sensor to the GO WiFi.



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