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1/18/2018 1:10 pm  #1

Calibration: Instruments vs Expedition

Hi There,

I have a couple of questions about calibration:

1. When calibrating within Expedition by means of adjusting the calibration table for TWA and TWS, does it make a difference if you have also calibrated within the instrumement system? In other words, when calibrating withing  Expedition, are you then calibrating the (instrument system) calibrated data or can you see them as two seperate calibration adjustments and is Expedition just using the Raw data from the intruments when calibrating.
(and does the same apply for non wind calibration, like Boat Speed?)

2. Where are the Expedition calibration tables saved (Name of file)

I am using B&G Hydra 2000 system, 

Thank a lot!



1/18/2018 9:54 pm  #2

Re: Calibration: Instruments vs Expedition

Normally you would only calibrate in the instruments I would think.

​They are saved in the Config folder in the Exp data folder.


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