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7/28/2017 12:20 pm  #11

Re: Easier backup / restore mechanism.

I looked at using regedit from inside Exp for a backup, but there are privilege issues.

​I'm not 100% sure you want to copy the display state hives from the registry to a different computer. 

​Obviously, this also applis to the lic10.dat file in the data folder.


7/30/2017 10:37 pm  #12

Re: Easier backup / restore mechanism.

WoobaGooba wrote:

I was afraid it was not just the Data folder.  Lots of stuff in the Registry as well.

ZeeZee, once you have taken your backup, how do you apply it to duplicate operation on a second machine?

I personally don't use a second machine.  I have a notebook that I use at the boat as well as at home.
In case I screwed up something,  I restore the Exp registry branch manually using Regedit - File - import.   Or copy a file from the Exp data backup folder.
As my Exp data backup folder is synced to Google drive there are also backup versions in the cloud as Google drive uses version management.  You can do the same with Onedrive.

In case you have multiple PC's you can sync the same Google drive or Onedrive folder to the other machine, so effectively share the Exp data folder.  However, as mentioned above, ensure you have the same Exp version installed and take care of the license file which is machine specific.
I would be hesitant to restore the entire registry to the other machine unless that is the exact same type of machine and configuration.  A few registry values are e.g. dependent on machine specifics (e.g. network port config, screen resolution etc; correct me if I'm wrong Nick). So I suggest you only copy very specific branches of the registry and only then when you know exactly what you are doing ;-)



7/31/2017 10:21 am  #13

Re: Easier backup / restore mechanism.

I should have stressed the 'relevant portions' bit of my registry export. I'm quite careful to get only the bits that relate to the Exp features I'm after - number box settings being high on that list...


7/31/2017 10:43 am  #14

Re: Easier backup / restore mechanism.

Thank you all for the feedback.  What I'm hearing ... maintaining Exp configuration state between multiple PCs (a primary and backup for example) is not an a straight forward, obvious undertaking.  In the meantime, I'll try to gin up my own recipe with the tips you've provided.

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