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6/26/2017 5:16 am  #1

Best kit for a charter? (No networkable instruments).?

Thinking about chartering for the overnight Monhegan race, and may have opportunity to do it with a friends J27, that has effectively no instruments. Would bring handheld VHF, old Garmin gpsmap 78(?) and iPad/iPhone with iNavX and iRegatta in any case. Can probably bodge together an adapter chain to feed NMEA 0183 from the Garmin 4 pin to USB-C, that might be less than a meter of cable and 4 protocols, but would be a near thing that would be too interesting to the TSA inspection.

Willing to invest and leave some modest kit aboard as part of charter fee for friends boat.

Found this for wind:
But would need to find it on Bluetooth to get into EXP.

This might be better http://www.sailtimerwind.com/Mini-Server/

Assuming no drilling thuhulls, and willingness to do a masthead visit with a tap, what would you recommend?

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