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6/20/2017 11:01 am  #1


Wow, we are way out of date on here!  Here is a list of changes over the last few versions:


Update for H5000 Websocket,
Option to not update boat handicaps from YB Tracking.


New ENC chart rendering engine,
Updates for route optimisation,
Updates for B&G H5000 GoFree Websocket,
Various performance, interface and reliability updates.


Important update for ENC chart rendering,
Update for data logging,
Fix for drawing some wind barbs on 4D charts,
Fix for not always calculating leeway.


Fix for Follow chart in Auto-chart mode with RNCs,
Update for sending user data to H5000 Websocket,
Update for calculating wind triangle,
Australian IMOS images in MyImage,
Improved Airmail support,
Slave mode.


Fix for sending tags to instruments,
The instruments button is only on the main Application menu now,
Support H5000 long caption names over web socket.


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