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3/28/2017 1:24 am  #31

Re: Remote desktop apps

WoobaGooba - I've set up a boat using Exp mirrored to a tablet using spashtop and the WiFi-1. I don't recall any specific difficulties with that setup but happy to help if you run into any problems. You can also hardwire other network devices in with a modified cable if you need - The simrad network cable is just ethernet with a proprietary connector.


3/28/2017 3:51 am  #32

Re: Remote desktop apps

WoobaGooba -  I also operate as described by benhowett using my own small usb-powered TP-Link router as the WiFi access point. I experience no difficulties switching back and forth between Splashtop (to control the below-decks PC) and Ventus (to get bigger display numbers and simplified / limited control of certain Expedition functions) which can operate on several iOS devices simultaneously.
However, when I use the GoFree as a router/ access for the LAN everything can operate as described above except that; 
1) it is necessary that I re-enter a new IP number in the Expedition dropdown box every time I switch between Splashtop and Ventus and
2) I can only use one iOS device at a time for Ventus.
I wonder if there may be a setting in the GoFree that I need to tweak in order to get the Ventus to operate as well as it does through my TP-Link router / access point in operating on several iOS devices simultaneously.
The TP-Link router always operates with the IP number of which appears in the router field in the Settings of all iOS devices. The GoFree needs a 101, 102 etc (for the last three) number that must be reset with every changeover and when I query the router number in the Settings on a second iOS device it shows a number different from what was shown when I connected the first iOS device (attempting to operate an IPad and iPhone simultaneously).           


3/28/2017 1:26 pm  #33

Re: Remote desktop apps


That's a bit weird that on the SAME IOS (?) device you have to increment IP, perhaps a static IP would solve that? 
go to Settings and in the WiFI assign yourself 192.168.0.XXX where perhaps XXX is 200 or so. 

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3/31/2017 10:14 am  #34

Re: Remote desktop apps

I confirmed GoFree WiFi-1 will support the the B&G repeater app to the Zeus and Splashtop to the Expedition PC.  Thank you.

A few nits
- The B&G repeater is able to auto discover the Zeus.  Splashtop (in local mode) is unable to auto discover the PC.  Not sure if the issue is with Splashtop or the WiFi-1.  I have to manually add the PC to Splashtop client, which becomes a configuration hassle. You are not guaranteed to get the same DHCP address after a power cycling, might get into static address assignments on the components, etc.  Its an unnecessary pain in the arse. 

I may put a Wireshark trace on this if I can find the time.



3/31/2017 12:18 pm  #35

Re: Remote desktop apps

Joe: I don't recall those issues but theres a couple of disclaimers:
1. I was running android based tablets to test so there may be a difference there
2. Most of the network was on fixed IP addresses (a hangover from issues with a previous iteration rather than a conscious choice).
I might well have doe something special in the settup but not that I recall - unfortunately It wont be easy to check as thats the only boat I sail on that had a Wifi-1 and I scrapped it last year for a 'real' router when I needed some extra lan ports.

As a side point, has anyone tried NoMachine as a splashtop alternative? I've had a few rounds of trying it over the last few years and performance has seemed much smoother than splashtop but ive had recurring connection issues regardless of the hardware


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4/01/2017 3:06 am  #36

Re: Remote desktop apps

NoMachine  ... never heard of it til now, but looks interesting.
I get overwhelmed about all the technology alternatives.  WIreShark?  Sheeeit, never heard of it again, still battling with when we tack TWD stays more or less the same some of the time.
This thread (remote stuff)  is probably a section of this DB all in its own right.  How many software products are there?  Fergus, get to it!

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