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3/14/2017 12:59 am  #11

Re: Expedition remote channels & WTP2

Hi folks, bad news from B&G,  Deckman software has beed discontinued and there is no futher suppurt. In additon they do not sell any licenses any more.  So I guess whoever owns a WTP2 is stuck.  Any idea where one would be able to get an used - if that is the right wording - dongle with a Deckman license on it? 


3/15/2017 12:11 am  #12

Re: Expedition remote channels & WTP2

This is probably an argument for eventually upgrading from WTP2 to H3000 second hand - there are a few around - or H5000.  There are very proficient navigators who swear by Deckman; I don't know eough about its features to make a comparison, and I glad now I haven't sunk the tine in to do so.

But why if you didn't already have Deckman + dongle would you now want to buy one?


3/15/2017 1:58 am  #13

Re: Expedition remote channels & WTP2

Well my story is complicated.  I have a valid Deckman SW from 2008 that is installed by B&G on a Racevision2 ( tablet they used to sell).   I want to replace that tablet (since 10 years old - looks like stone age) and put the Deckman license on a new laptop.  But since I do not have a dongle ( the SW was fixed installed on the tablet) I am seeking someone to help me out.  Thanx for your thoughs 


3/15/2017 11:47 am  #14

Re: Expedition remote channels & WTP2

That would cause a lot of problems in the wider wtp world.

​There are probably a lot of unused Dfw dongles around. You could ask on something like Sailing Anarchy.


3/15/2017 7:43 pm  #15

Re: Expedition remote channels & WTP2

That sounds like an interesting combination.  Does the instrument data go direct to the Stone Age Tablet, rather than the more common method of a tablet emulating what appears on a screen downstairs?


3/16/2017 6:36 am  #16

Re: Expedition remote channels & WTP2

Exactly, Deckman SW was  already preinstalled on the Racevision2 tablet by B&G and  is the current and still working set up.  It is just not state of the art while the WTP2 and all the rest of the system is still sufficient for reasonable racing.  Hence I am desparately seeking a dongle to connect a new laptop.


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