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11/18/2017 4:32 pm  #1

ASCAT data display / overlay

Hello all,

Following VOR closely and one of the nice things is that the other forums, race experts, etc. show interesting ways different software is used.  There was a recent discussion on one of them re ASCAT use (using squid I believe), and seemed to show overlaying ASCAT on top of a grib forecast. I can see this as being quite useful.

Is there some way of doing this on Expedition? I see there is an ASCAT download option under weather/My grib/NOAA OPC/ASCAT but it's not documented in help file, and I have not been able to get anything from there.


11/19/2017 11:58 am  #2

Re: ASCAT data display / overlay

I think the NOAA ones might only be for the US and central America.

​We used to download the images noaa during races, but they cover small areas to aren't in MyImage yet.


11/22/2017 5:03 pm  #3

Re: ASCAT data display / overlay

Thanks Nick.

Just closing the loop.  Tinkering about a bit more found that the scatterometer data had to be "turned on" in order to display under weather/settings.  The download from OPC is working well, and seems to cover worldwide 67N to 67S, in swaths. 


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