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6/10/2016 6:22 pm  #1

Error in route optimization

I am getting an error message "unable to sail from mark or start position" when trying to optimize a route.
I now it is something simple to fix but cant remember.


6/10/2016 11:14 pm  #2

Re: Error in route optimization

Most like one of the following issues:
- no weather GRIB file loaded with data for the date/time you want to optimize the route for
- No valid Nav polar loaded
- No active route
- Your boat needs to sail over land to reach the first mark of the route.  Uncheck Avoid Vector chart land and/or Avoid c-map land under settings/Opt routing


6/13/2016 11:21 am  #3

Re: Error in route optimization

Other possibility (most common in my experience) is that you have a race note over the area. If the boat is in a race note, and the race note is set to avoid, there is no way to calculate an optimized route.

Same holds true if the mark is in a race note set to avoid.


6/13/2016 4:31 pm  #4

Re: Error in route optimization

All the forementioned and make sure the first mark is the green one.
and set the weather to 'now'

“If you don't know where you are going,
you'll end up someplace else.”
Yogi Berra

5/24/2018 2:21 pm  #5

Re: Error in route optimization

I am persistently getting the same error:-

The weather grib files are current (Predictwind)
The tide / current files are current (Winning Tides, Solent, & Tidetech)
The course is set as active
I have switched off the 'avoid' settings mentioned above.

I am trying to run this shoreside without a current boat position / GPS link - as planning for this weekend's Myth of Malham. Looks like I will have to ask my colleague to bring his copy of Adrena, or I get MaxSea or Adrena for my future use.



5/24/2018 2:43 pm  #6

Re: Error in route optimization

Exactly what is the error message?

The active mark will be highlighted green or yellow. Without a GPS, you will need marks after the active mark.

Also, which Expedition version? I don't think it is possible to get that message now.


5/25/2018 1:37 am  #7

Re: Error in route optimization

Hello Nick,
The expedition version is V10.5.18, running on Windows 7.
I am just using the simple chart provided as default within Exp since C-Map/Jeppersen priced themselves out of the market (and I have paid for Navionics charts for iNav on my iPads x 2)
I had already set up a full (active) course from marks in the Solent to Eddystone & back, including passing marks/headland waypoints to port & stbd as appropriate, and I already had the second mark set as 'active'. Shortly after making my post last night I quit Expedition and restarted it.
I set the start time to 'now' and it generated an optimised route. Only after doing this I then set the start time to the actual start (26/5/18 @10:40 local) and also downloaded fresh Predictwind grib files (7 days out not 5 as before), and it has now generated a route using 'Now' and then the actual start time tomorrow!!
I did not change anything else.

So it has sort of resolved itself, but no obvious differences between my many attempts in the last few days and this working attempt. 

I note that Exp has NOT generated an ETA at each of the marks, or to the finish. Hopefully that gets resolved once I am picking up actual position from the boat's instrument feeds - unless there is another setting.


5/25/2018 2:39 am  #8

Re: Error in route optimization

The most likely explanation is that the wind didn't cover your start time.
That is a very old version of Exp. I do recommend you update it. It may require a new key though.
Some of the messages are more descriptive in more recent releases.


6/11/2018 7:31 pm  #9

Re: Error in route optimization

So your Navionics Charts work? Great, as yes, CMap sold me 4d on a card, but I told them I have no card,they argued I did and that was it!!  So no Expedition 4d, just the regular one now...and I will try my Navionics charts, yay!!!


6/11/2018 10:49 pm  #10

Re: Error in route optimization

Exp can't use Navionics.

You can also use the official Canadian ENCs and RNCs north of the border. NOAA ENCs and RNCs are free on the other side.


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