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7/10/2018 1:11 am  #1

Time in Weather Ribbon

As I go through pre-race prep, probably my number one wish right now (maybe even more than having CTS in optimization results - hint hint)...

Could we have Time in the Weather Ribbon default to the last time that it was set, rather than the current time displayed?

Or, even better:

Given there seems to be space for another button next to it, could we have a 'Start' button that sets time to the race start time if set in the optimizer settings, or greyed out if the optimizer settings are to optimize from current time and location.

This way you could at a glance see whether you had that tick box checked correctly and makes it much more straightforward to go to race start time and review the optimizer results/weather, etc. when you are few days away from race start.

Please please please... and thanks!


4/16/2021 8:24 am  #2

Re: Time in Weather Ribbon


Just a quick, belated, note to say thank you for the 'Optimal Route' weather button. Have only been back for a couple of races, after a season away, but its been a huge help!

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