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1/04/2016 8:51 am  #1

Expedition Webinar

Peter Isler is teaming up with NorthU to teach a series of webinars featuring Expedition software.   The     first course is coming up in 8 days ... Monday, January 11th. In this first webinar he will be focusing on Expedition's short course/buoy racing features as well as an in depth look at Expedition's Start Module.     

For more information on all his Expedition courses and to sign up - head over to NorthU.


1/04/2016 11:10 am  #2

Re: Expedition Webinar

Our NorthU team has been working hard to produce some great new webinars to help users get more out of Expedition Software.     The first one will be fun - as we get to dive in deep into Expedition's Start module and talk about how to be a 21st century navigator while hiking out hard on a buoy race. 



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