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9/15/2015 8:57 am  #1

New data channel request

In a recent version of Expedition Nick added a channel for Turn to Mark.  This is something we use  a lot and I have it now as one of the numbers on our bank of 20/20s on the mast.  I have it as an alternating value  (Turn to Mark, Range to Mark) when heading up wind.

However this is not available in Ventus.  woudl love to have a Custom screen with that same data on my wrist.

Any chance this could be added as a new channel in Ventus?

Are there any other channels you would like to see in Ventus.  Please describe and explain how you would use it.



9/15/2015 3:54 pm  #2

Re: New data channel request

We keep a list of channel requests we get and generally implement them in our next release if they are things that would be used by more than one or two users. If they are really important channels we will do an update in very quick order.


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