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2/11/2019 1:15 pm  #11

Re: Expedition and XGate Integration?

bwheeler wrote:

Using YB and iGo works, but its a bit of laborious effortthere might be an easier way):1) In Airmail, open the email from YB, cut ONLY the raw schedule data, and paste into NotePad.

you should not need to do this.
if you get the file by direct email from YB, it should come as an attached text file that can be used as is.
i did at one point have an issue when using a saildocs email request for the file from the low bandwidth url on the YB website, where it was coming in-line rather than as an attachment. previously it had come as an attached txt file via saildocs, but something changed. 
sometimes data can be sent as an attachment, but is  displayed in-line,  beacuse of the way you set up your email client - so check that.



11/14/2019 11:25 am  #12

Re: Expedition and XGate Integration?

MORE on what the previous commenter said:
I know this is an old thread but in case some one has not figured it out,  If you request the Expedition file from YB using Airmail get or other means, it can be imported directly without modification
For Newport to Bermuda you need to get the nb2018-boats.txt and the nb2018-expedition.txt ( has just the latest) Files
Use the send command in an email to Query@saildocs.com  Like this to get the files:
SEND https://yb.tl/nb2018-expedition.txt
SEND https://yb.tl/nb2018-boatids.txt (only once unless you want to update it).
and you will get the files  then import, no mods needed.

  PM me here or find me on FB (jack.ee72) and we can go through an example. 
With Xport and perhaps other web access applications you can just use the SAIL>race tracking>  YB Tracker menu selection.. 
It is important to know your race code.. for example Newport to Bermuda 2018 is : NB2018 

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