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6/21/2017 10:56 am  #1

Expedition Configuration for NMEA Remote

I now make extensive use of NMEA Remote on our boat.  We have two iPad minis, one located by the pit, one at the helm.  Each is running NMEA Remote and providing a range of data to the crew on an as needed basis.  I have customised the displays to show the info we need for Start, Upwind & Downwind legs.

The biggest challenge is getting the right configuration for Expedition to send the data that you need to drive NMEA Remote.  For Ventus it is relatively easy as Nick has included a magic button that automatically checks all the fields you need.  For NMEARemote it has been a process of trial and error.  In an effort to improve on that I wanted to document all the fields I have currently set so that others can replicate more easily.  As I add more fields I will update this note.

Heading to steer
Layline Dist on port
Layline dist on starboard
Layline distance
Layline time
Layline time on port
Layline time on starboard
Mark bearing
Mark range
Mark TWA
Next mark range
Polar bsp
Polar bsp%
Start bias angle
Start bias length
Start time to gun
Start time to line
Start time to port
Start time to starboard
Tacking angle
Target bsp
Target AWA
Target TWA
Target VMG

I have a feeling that some of these are unnecessary.  I also think I can get more data out of NMEA Remote but I need to first figure out what we need on the boat before overwhelming everyone with data.

Also, note that there are some values which, if sent from Expedition, will cause NMEA Remote to terminate.  That's why this above list is particularly valuable.  I will consult with the developer on those rogue values and help him to address the problem in his upcoming release.



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