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9/10/2015 8:12 am  #1

Connectivity Issues

I recently had some issues with connectivity from Expedition to Ventus.  I had updated the version of Expedition on Bravura to the latest (10.0.13 as of this post).  The update included a change to the networking configuration, designed to accomodate situations where there may be multiple networks onboard.  The idea is that Expedition could broadcast on a specific subnet rather than generally across all addresses.  

I had configured expedition to broadcast UDP on which previously worked fine for communicating with Ventus on my iPhone.  But after the update, this stopped working.  Last night (with some advice from Harry at Ventus) I changed the broadcast address to  Everything immediately came back to life.

I think this shoudl be the recommended configuration for communicating with Ventus.  It works much better.


9/10/2015 8:55 am  #2

Re: Connectivity Issues

We do recommend using the actual broadcast address of your router, especially on boats where you need to run more than one wireless network. To find the address have your iPhone connected to the router you are using, go to Settings, then Wi-Fi, tap on the network you are connected to, and it will display the address of the the router.

In Expedition go to Settings > Instruments > Serial and Network Ports, and click on the network you have set up for Ventus. In the address box enter in the first 3 sets of numbers of the address of your router, and enter 255 for the last set of number. You will also see a "?" on the left side of the address box. You can click on that to see a list of networks your computer is connected to, but if it is connected to more than one you have to be carefull to choose the correct one. On most boats there will only be one network runnning but if you are trying it at home or in your office there likely will be more than one.


9/30/2015 6:14 am  #3

Re: Connectivity Issues

I ended up doing as Ventus Navigation said except entered 255 for both of the last two octets in the IP address to get it to connect. 


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