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9/11/2016 10:36 am  #1

What is the best daylight display for Ventus?

I usually wear polarized sunglasses when racing in bright daylight.  I'm finding my iPhone hard to see in these circumstances.  Which of the available iOS and Android devices have worked well?  Recommendations?


9/11/2016 1:45 pm  #2

Re: What is the best daylight display for Ventus?

The newest iPhones, 6 and 6S seem to be about the best. I don't know how the screen on the new iPhone 7 will be. If you don't need a lot of data to see while racing the Pebble watch has by far the best daylight readability but you are limited to only 4 data channels. ​We keep hoping someone will come out with a rugged, daylight readable device but haven't found one yet. Harry


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