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7/23/2016 5:13 pm  #1

Seeing Marks, Events & Course in Strip chart?

Looking at data in stripchart, and trying to figure out which leg of a very complex short course we were on and having a hard time figuring out which mark was active. As we were shorthanded, didn't ping the perpetual start line or gun. 

If I am missing this please point me to the correct solution, didn't find anything in TFM, or forum searches. 

from the course detail export: (would be nice to have the course name in the export...) 
Sarboard end of start is OYC_X, port is about 200m South on the deck off the bar. 

,Latitude,Longitude,Bearing,Range nm,Comment
OYC_JL,,37 47.506n,122 16.588w,,,
OYC_1,P,37 47.572n,122 16.770w,281°,0.16,Jack London Sq No Wake 
OYC_JL,,37 47.506n,122 16.588w,101°,0.16,OFFSET for Mark1
OYC_BB,,37 47.123n,122 15.487w,100°,0.95,offset for pier
OYC_4,S,37 47.215n,122 15.270w,048°,0.19,Orange Ball Brooklyn Basin
OYC_5,S,37 46.929n,122 15.601w,209°,0.39,Encinal Basin Orange Ball
OYC_X,S,37 47.118n,122 15.795w,307°,0.24,Starboard end of Start Orange Sphere
OYC_2,S,37 47.447n,122 16.320w,295°,0.53,Orange Sphere near Zazoos
OYC_X,S,37 47.118n,122 15.795w,115°,0.53,Starboard end of Start Orange Sphere
OYC_5,S,37 46.929n,122 15.601w,127°,0.24,Encinal Basin Orange Ball
OYC_X,S,37 47.118n,122 15.795w,307°,0.24,Starboard end of Start Orange Sphere

from export of events list: 
7/20/2016 6:30:00 PM,0.0,37 47.104n 122 15.794w,J1,,,,0,No,start
7/20/2016 6:39:32 PM,9.5,37 47.530n 122 16.572w,,,,,0,Yes,Auto mark advance
7/20/2016 6:42:58 PM,3.4,37 47.570n 122 16.770w,,,,,0,Yes,Auto mark advance
7/20/2016 6:45:34 PM,2.6,37 47.534n 122 16.572w,,,,,0,Yes,Auto mark advance
7/20/2016 6:58:43 PM,13.1,37 47.130n 122 15.484w,,,,,0,Yes,Auto mark advance
7/20/2016 7:02:13 PM,3.5,37 47.217n 122 15.266w,,,,,0,Yes,Auto mark advance
7/20/2016 7:11:58 PM,9.7,37 46.927n 122 15.613w,,,,,0,Yes,Auto mark advance
7/20/2016 7:14:55 PM,3.0,37 47.113n 122 15.803w,,,,,0,Yes,Auto mark advance
7/20/2016 7:22:13 PM,7.3,37 47.453n 122 16.312w,,,,,0,Yes,Auto mark advance
7/20/2016 7:28:44 PM,6.5,37 47.114n 122 15.800w,,,,,0,Yes,Auto mark advance
7/20/2016 7:32:18 PM,3.6,37 46.923n 122 15.595w,,,,,0,Yes,Auto mark advance

Would it be feasible to tag the course that was active as an event when it was set, and for the auto mark advances designate the new marks,  mention which one is now active? 
perhaps when rounding the OYC_1 mark have the autoevent be: 
7/20/2016 6:42:58 PM,3.4,37 47.570n 122 16.770w,,,,,0,OYC_JL,101°,0.16,OFFSET for Mark1 Yes, Auto mark advance

(adding into the comment or database fields the rhumbline hdg/distance of the leg from the course detail would be nice too. )

If these events were then visible on the strip chart as hover/selectable data, +/or lable the leg intervals  between mark advances to include course name, active mark, rhumbline, time, (taken from events) 

I would suppose that tagging any race note areas that were active by position would also be useful as an automatic event
e.g. 7/20/2016 6:42:58 PM,3.4,37 47.570n 122 16.770w,,,,,0,YES, entered Racenote "XYZ"

I can visualize all of this in a track playback, though sometimes the playback seems to display laylines on the nearest not the active mark. 

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