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9/21/2015 9:18 am  #1

reat time soundings

I saw a tweet about Real soundings and Depths drawn on track in Expedition...
How does one enable in Expediton?


9/21/2015 9:51 am  #2

Re: reat time soundings

That tweet was from Campbell Field.  It is an interesting way to validate your charts.  Under Settings -> Track.  You will see a check box on RHS for Depth.  Check that and you should see depths along your track.  Couple that with drawing your track based on depth - a colorful result!

If you dont see the check box then it it is likely you are running an older version  - time to update!


9/24/2015 8:02 pm  #3

Re: reat time soundings

It's a nice feature.  There is rather less water over the sandbar off the CYC in Sydney than the charts claim!


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