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5/18/2016 3:49 am  #1


OK, next dumb question.

I want to display GRIB values as shading, settings, weather, wind 10m does not display an option for shading.

How do I get values to display as shading?



5/18/2016 4:05 am  #2

Re: Shading

Go to Weather Tab, then Settings on the left end of the tool bar, tick Wind 10M, tick Contour, Shading, set Line Width =1, Shade/size max =30, and Contour stem=2 
Leave the Arrow set to barbs until you get a feel for the colour code


5/18/2016 6:29 am  #3

Re: Shading

When I go to the weather tab, settings 10m, there is no tick box for shading, just fade and contour.


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5/19/2016 2:20 am  #4

Re: Shading

I see this I left out "colour mode = spectrum"
As to the tick box difference do you have the latest upgrade?
Easy to check for latest upgrade in the Exp dropdown in the top left corner...


5/19/2016 2:36 am  #5

Re: Shading

latest version.

very odd, the tick boxes in weather settings simply do not have the shading boxes


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5/19/2016 2:40 am  #6

Re: Shading

Do other items have a 'shading' selection and did you try hitting 'defaults'


5/19/2016 2:43 am  #7

Re: Shading

No other items have shading section either.

Have hit defaults

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5/19/2016 2:54 am  #8

Re: Shading

Maybe try PM to Nick....


5/19/2016 5:54 am  #9

Re: Shading

Reset solved it, now beautifulhttp://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.png
 coloured maps are mine for the asking.....

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8/12/2016 8:00 am  #10

Re: Shading

I have the same issue, weather settings only have options for fade and contour, no shade or color setting options.  How did Rhino "reset".  I have restarted.  running Expedition 10.4.14


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