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7/13/2021 7:59 am  #1

Yacht Devices data doesn't show on one PC (shows on the other)

Two PCs, set up similarly (though one is Windows 10, one is Windows 7)--both Expedition 11.10.6.  The boat is using PepWave as a primary router, remapping IP addresses of Yacht Devices and H5000 to 192.168.50.xx addresses.

The Win 7 machine is receiving Yacht Devices info no problem (primarily used for AIS data).  The Win 10 machine won't receive Yacht Devices in Expedition, but I can go directly to it's web page at  I have it set up to send on multiple ports (1456, 1457).  However, even if I reboot everything and only have the one PC turned on, I cannot get the Yacht Devices data to show in Expedition on the Win 10 machine (no raw data, no AIS info).

Any clues?


7/14/2021 9:00 pm  #2

Re: Yacht Devices data doesn't show on one PC (shows on the other)

Problem solved:  When Yacht Devices data doesn't show in Expedition, the "Yacht Devices Setting" page, "N2K System" tab was empty ("Node, Use, Manufacturer, etc).  I set the Yacht Devices Server to send N2K Raw data bi-directional and then this tab was populated and the Yacht Devices data (ie AIS, etc) shows in Expedition.  After this "N2K System" tab populated, I could set the Yacht Devices Server back to uni-directional...


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