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5/20/2021 7:14 pm  #11

Re: Raymarine C120 W connection

Ernie M wrote:

I'm working on a similar problem with a Raymarine E Series (E-120) legacy Seatalk  (not the NG) .

I'm thinking now we need a multiplexer (MUX) to combine the Seatalk from the E120 and also the NMEA 0180 AIS data from the Icom M-204 VHF then feed them from  the MUX  through a USG-2 (or other) opto-isolator then to the PC.

Maybe one of the more data savvy forum members can chime in and confirm this or add some suggestions.



Have same issue and seen in past.
If C120 is connected by Seatalk (1) ie the 3 pin plug, AIS is not a recognised command is what I came up with.
However the C120 has a NME0183 port and a Seatalk(2) 5 pin or the HS.
I havent used the Seatalk2 option which is apparently similar to N2K speak, but have used the NMEA0183 @ 38400 AIS setting from the C120 to get AIS from a GME and Vesper AIS units in the past.

If unit is connected Seatalk(1) to wind/BSP/GPS, connecting the AIS to NMEA0183 works, or can output 0183 from the C120 also into some 0183->USB option, or muplitplexor to mix ST and 0183 into something for laptop.   


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5/20/2021 7:18 pm  #12

Re: Raymarine C120 W connection

Simon D wrote:

I'm still trying to resolve this and with help from the Raymarine engineer I think the NGT-1 might be the solution but can I check:
 1. Expedition can receive data from two inputs (I'm 100% certain it can but tripple checking nothing has changed)2. If have two feeds using the NGT1 using instruments settings I'd use Actisence ASCII setup for AIS and NMEA 183 from the plotter. Is this correct?
3. If we do end up with two feeds Raymarine are concerned I'll have to GPS feeds to expedtion. Can I switch one off in expedition?

You can check/un-check GPS in each of your instrument connections, as well as check/un-check NMEA sentences received or sent.


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