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5/05/2021 4:52 am  #1

Optimal Route - Display First/Second Leg Only

I know there is an option to optimize only the fist leg - i use it often.

One reason I use it is if i want to display something like "winds across course" for a race that goes out and comes back over more or less the same water.

So I end up with lots of optimizations; the first leg.., and, then as a separate optimization, the second leg starting whenever the first optimization says i will get to the turning mark. That makes two for each weather model, or polar % or whatever.

It would be great if I could do just one optimization.., and limit the display to one leg of the optimization at a time so that, for example, the winds across course do not get confused.

I realize that there is potentially a large number of legs in a race, but my experience is that the problem often arises when the 2nd leg returns to the starting point.

So, this feature could suit most cases with just the option to display only legs 1 or 2  - at least to start...

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