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4/22/2021 6:28 pm  #1


Is anyone still using VNC for displaying expedition on an ipad?

If so, what server and what client?

Is there anything that's free?


4/27/2021 3:39 am  #2


RDP works OK. Or Radmin even better.

Best though, is a Mesa3...

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4/28/2021 5:08 am  #3


Yes - I remember that RDP worked better.

but i prefer to have no password on my PC, and RDP requires that the user acct on the server have a password.

Also, I recall that with RDP, the machine running the server was not usable when the server was running, whereas with VNC it was usable.

Anyway, it seems there are no good free VNC options anymore - at least I haven't found any.., so i will try RDP again

I have a panasonic Toughpad, running windows - it's big and clunky and not that waterproof. I never use it.

Mesa at leas is more waterproof - how is the visibility?

do you run expedition on the meas, or do you do a remote screen?

I went back and forth with the Toughpad... wasn't sure which was best before i just stopped using it

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4/29/2021 10:02 pm  #4


Radmin does not take over the remote PC like RDP, works very well.

I use a Mesa all the time, even with ageing eyes. Depends on your expectations of what to see on screen.

I do both, run Exp on the Mesa and UDP transfer data, as well as radmin to access the remote PC functions (and routing etc as the mesa is not very powerful). It really depends on the system. I often connect the mesa directly to the likes of H5000 web-server.

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