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4/05/2021 5:05 pm  #1

v1.500 release

Version 1.500 has been released! Check out what's new below:


Improved User Interface and navigator selection!

We had a very busy winter of working with top level navigators and capitalizing on their feedback. The result is an even more friendly user interface with a host of new and improved features.

List of version 1.500 improvements:

  • Added menu to change the time zone so the result reports and graphs can match your local time. *This impacts only how time is displayed as all data must still be in UTC.
  • Added features to extract anemometer height and wind type from those log sources that provide that information (otherwise the value entered by the user in the GUI are used). This is mostly for AuBOM and NOAA weather buoy reporting stations. 
  • Added an option to enable/disable scaling of TWS. If enabled, both the log TWS and the model TWS are scaled to the specified height (which has no impact on the log TWS if that is the same as the log height, e.g., a boat anemometer). If disabled the theoretical scaling factor is reported in the end result analysis.
  • Added ability to analyze multiple log sources. Very helpful with reviewing multiple buoy data at once. 
  • Added selection of which logs and which models to analyse. The user can choose after the data has already been prepared. 
  • Improved recommendation of start and end analysis times to ensure your GRIBS are always properly paired with your logs. 
  • Improved reporting of progress. The progress bar updates more as the software is computing. 
  • Improved caching of prepared data to make subsequent analyses much faster.
  • Various incremental improvements, many in the user interface. 



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