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2/21/2021 12:31 pm  #1

B&G data being seen but Exped not displaying

have gone back to me old boat (pegaus of northumbersland) but a new laptop and trying to remeber all the setting...
H3000 and dell rugged.  all fine so far, USB connection -  can see raw data comming in from B&G and  from AIS... but nothing being displayed by Expedition, i must be doing somthing very simple wrong

hope soemone can help




2/23/2021 5:26 pm  #2

Re: B&G data being seen but Exped not displaying

RH, I think the silence says you haven't well specified your question.  When you write "not displayed by Expedition", what do you mean?  In Expediton (i.e. number boxes blank), or out on displays (i.e. sent through Expedition configurable channedls), or something else?


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