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12/31/2020 4:57 pm  #1

L2H 2020

first time using expedition in battle was thoroughly enjoyable. 5 stars; would use again.


12/31/2020 5:54 pm  #2

Re: L2H 2020

Great job Christian!
Sounds like you had some tough patches and you guys came out pretty well according to the news we got in the States!
I think we were all heartened to see the L2H go forward after the SH cancelation.
Congrats to you and the crew!


12/31/2020 8:28 pm  #3

Re: L2H 2020

thanks Ernie. was good to have that race go ahead. was a bit hairy banks strait way; overall some interesting weather, and great scenery round the guardrail Maria island.

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1/02/2021 11:44 am  #4

Re: L2H 2020

BTW the tracker is still up for those who would like to revisit the action



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