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9/16/2015 11:10 pm  #1

Dropped connection

Anybody have a similar issue or solution?

Latest version of Ventus Pro and Expedition, connect via wifi router to iPod.

Works as expected and then at some point when I awake iPod, Ventus has lost comms. Can't reconnect even if I restart programs or computer.

Next day it' works again....

I assume it's a Windows networking issue or wifi router issue.

Any ideas?

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9/17/2015 9:20 am  #2

Re: Dropped connection


I had something similar last night.  Ventus was working fine during our race but towards the end it lost connection with Expedition.  Wifi connection seemed fine, expedition PC was still connected and running correctly.  I shut down teh App on my phone and restarted it.  It came back to life.

I'm more inclined to belive it is an iOS networking issue than a Windows issue.


9/17/2015 12:00 pm  #3

Re: Dropped connection

Fergal,Are you using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, and did it drop after your device was in sleep mode?​


9/17/2015 1:17 pm  #4

Re: Dropped connection

Using an iPhone.  It didnt go into sleep mode as far as I know.  
Numbers just started showing up blank  (or --)


9/26/2015 2:29 pm  #5

Re: Dropped connection

I've had the same problem (iPhone 5) and put it down to marginal on-deck reception due to carbon hull i.e. I could get reception on some areas of the boat and lose it by moving to others.  Maybe I have to re-think my theory!


11/09/2015 1:57 pm  #6

Re: Dropped connection

I have had a similar issue with Androids.  One failure mode is the apparent device firmware habit of looking for any wifi that has internet access and dropping the current connection in favor of the one with wifi.  Very disconcerting and disabling when sailing along a shore with wifi strong enough to show the device a signal with internet access from time to time.  No success disabling the function on the device; had to give up using it when near shore.


11/09/2015 2:10 pm  #7

Re: Dropped connection

Have you tried putting it in Airplane Mode so the phone is disabled and then turning the Wi-Fi back on? That might help, and it also gives better battery life. What type of phone do you have, I haven't heard of that being a problem before, I've never seen it on my Samsung. Must be sailing very close to shore?


11/11/2015 8:49 am  #8

Re: Dropped connection

The phone is an older LG Verizon and that means the operation is largely controlled by the Verizon influence.  I have thought of rooting the thing, but that means more work than I'm willing to do up to this point.  The most reliable device e have is a new Android Verizon tablet the owner got on a deal, and it seems to handle all the possible failure modes successfully.

BTW, glad u guys have started this forum for discussion, sharing and help.



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