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12/20/2020 4:00 am  #1

Model Accuracy and AuBOM setup video tutorial

Model Accuracy users in Australia!
      This video goes into detail on how to actually use the AuBOM (Australian Bureau of Meteorology) weather observation data, download your desired weather station logged instrument data, and compare it to your GRIB files. This helps  a navigator understand which GRIB file source (GFS, EC, Predict Wind, ect....) is actually the most accurate and why, before you ever even leave the dock! 
      We use a case study of the Green Cape weather observation station and find a 15 degree forecasting error in both GFS and EC gribs! That sure would be nice to know before heading offshore in a Sydney-Hobart race!
Check out our new video tutorial below:



12/20/2020 4:03 am  #2

Re: Model Accuracy and AuBOM setup video tutorial

Model Accuracy is free to download to learn how to use the software and review a single source of GRIB files in the "locked" mode (ex: you can only review say GFS against logged wind instrument data)
To permit Model Accuracy to review all sources of GRIB files simply purchase a yearly subscription for $150. 

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