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12/20/2020 3:52 am  #1

You can now use AuBOM observations to analyze which GRIB is the best!

AuBOM capable for all Australian users!
      Model Accuracy can now use the AuBOM (Australian Bureau of Meteorology) weather station data as a "log file" to be compared to GRIB weather forecast files. Now our users in Australia can always know which weather file is the most accurate before they ever leave the dock!
      This means during coastal races you can use your GRIBs to compare against AuBOM weather stations further down the course to learn what types of GRIB files are actually trending the most accurate. Even before the race begins you can now know which weather source is in fact performing the best all the way down the Australian coast!
      Great for "pre-race" research AND while you are actually racing! Always be navigating off the best performing GRIB file!
      Now for the "Great Race" you can start the event navigating off the most accurate GRIB file source (GFS, Predict Wind, ect...) and continue to confirm which source is the best down the race course ahead of you. 

List of AuBOM improvements:

  • Added import of AuBOM (Australian Bureau or Meteorology) weather station data.
  • Added context for the Model Accuracy Error Added progress messages during download of an update.
  • Overhaul of license retrieval and update processes.
  • Updated the help files (especially to include AuBOM help)
  • Various incremental improvements


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