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9/16/2015 10:24 pm  #1

How do I post images?

On this forum (courtesy of boardhost) we can only post links to pictures/photos.  So no pictures are actually hosted by the forum server, they need to be located somewhere else.

I'm sure there are a number of ways of doing it but after some trial and error this is how I am doing it.

I upload my picture to photos.google.com or imgur.com and then view it, right click and select Copy image link.

Then within my forum post I click on the image icon and paste my URL into the box.  It works perfectly every time!

I previously tried dropbox but wasnt able to generate a link that worked reliably.


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9/17/2015 6:38 am  #2

Re: How do I post images?

As an alternative, imgur works exceptionally well, and does not require logging in. Upload the image, and links are immediately available on the right side.


9/17/2015 7:40 am  #3

Re: How do I post images?

I just tried that - works great - thanks!

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9/21/2015 7:58 am  #4

Re: How do I post images?

Glad I could help!


7/16/2019 6:19 am  #5

Re: How do I post images?

FYI...  IMGUR links do not currently work for Avatars as all IMGUR links are https and the forum only accepts http....

Just FYI...  will check on image posts now and report back...


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