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3/14/2016 9:35 am  #1

Creating a course with no marks?

Doing St. Augustine Race Week coming up in early April (great event). One of the days of racing is an out an back to a point. What makes it interesting is you do not have to hit the latitude/longitude at the same time. Is it possible to optimize a route like that?


3/14/2016 10:14 am  #2

Re: Creating a course with no marks?

Best way would be clever use of the racenotes feature with avoid optimal routing selected.

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3/15/2016 2:20 am  #3

Re: Creating a course with no marks?

How 'bout this?
The first step would be to pick which 'side', left (Lon) or right (Lat) to go to, using your favorite method. Perhaps 'sail toward the expected (fcst) shift'
Lets say you chose to sail toward the Lat first
Combine the target Lon and Lat and call that 'Pt A'
Create a course  "Start to Pt A", Optimize it,  examine the Isochrons and where the earliest crosses the Lat would be the first point
Then create a course "Pt A to Finish" and where the Reverse Isochron crosses Lon would be my second point.
Once you have the 'points' you could optimize that course and adjust as forecast meets reality.
Wish I was going to be in FL, sounds like a fun event and a good cause!


3/15/2016 7:22 am  #4

Re: Creating a course with no marks?

Thanks! Those are both great ideas that I will start messing around with. Thankfully I started early, seems more complex than I assumed. Regarding St. Augustine Race Week, yea it is by far my favorite race for our winter season. Three separate days of racing offshore for the big boys and inshore racing for the smaller boats. The kids have a small boat series inland too; which allows for tourists visiting the Fort to sit on the grassy knoll and watch from 20 yards. Boat is parked right downtown and an event every evening (i.e. band, nice dinner, open bar) is put on by RC. Wake up hungover, breakfast is provided where the debauchery took place, repeat.  

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3/15/2016 9:37 am  #5

Re: Creating a course with no marks?

I looked at this a while ago and realized one flaw in my approach.  It doesn't allow for the crossover to be made in optimal conditions,  I also was thinking that the shortest route was right to Pt A. and back.  So I started sliding the two wing points closer to point A and optimizing the whole course and bingo got some even better optimization numbers.  So while not high tech, unless you call it 'iteration' or some fancy term, just trying different scenarios and looking at the 'Results' folder is probably going to serve you best going into your race.
Let us know how you make out.


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