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9/02/2019 2:58 pm  #1

Connection Problems

We continue to get questions about connection problems. almost always they fall into two categories. Either the data channels you want to send have not been selected with the Exp Tx Filter, or the correct broadcast address has not been entered. Here is a brief tutorial that generally solves any connection problems.

The first thing to check is to see that Expedition is transmitting data. Go to the network you have set up for Ventus. Click on Raw Data and see if you have a stream of data being sent out. If you have selected channels to send out from Expedition the raw data will show up in the window even if you are not connected to you iPhone. If you do not see any data then click on Expedition Settings, then click on Exp Tx Filter, and then click on the box that says Ventus. That will select most of the data channels commonly used, but you can select any other ones you want from that screen. Then click  OK. Now if you click on Raw Data you should see a stream of data being sent out, and it should be showing up on your iPhone.

=11.0ptIf it does not show up re-check the IP address that is shown on your phone when you click on Settings > Wi-Fi > and the router you are connected to, and check in the network you have set up for Ventus to see that you have the same address entered, except end it with 255 for the last set of digits.



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