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8/10/2019 9:42 am  #1


I was worried about the instruments on the boat for the Fastnet - so I decided to pick up a cheep USB GPS as backup.

I got this:
Stratux Vk-162 Remote Mount USB GPS with Extended Cable ADS-B Receiver

It has a U-Blox7 chipset.

So far I've been happy with it. I was unable to get the UBlox Windows 8/10 sensor driver to work with expedition but the legacy driver works just great.

The old Raymarine system didn't have any major issues but I was able to keep my location info when I needed to connect to a different wireless network to get data.


9/24/2019 5:50 am  #2

Re: USB GPS Puck

A much better solution: http://www.dualnav.co.uk/

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12/17/2019 12:42 am  #3

Re: USB GPS Puck

On a Farr30 I need to replace the broken GPS that is connected to an old H2000 system.
Is the dualnav recommendable for this?


12/17/2019 12:29 pm  #4

Re: USB GPS Puck

I've an H2000 and replaced my GPS last winter. 

Do you just want the GPS feed into Expedition or into the H2000? Taking GPS data from an H2000 into Exp is not great as there are precision and update frequency issues. If it's a H2000 Hercules then you can send data back to the instruments from Expedition and could feed GPS data that way, but it wouldn't appear as COG, SOG, Distance and bearing to waypoint etc as it would all be in the custom channels. Frankly it's not a great solution. 

A better solution is a new GPS, such as the dualnav,  with a NMEA0183 feed back into the H2000 and a second feed to the laptop, in addition to any connection (NMEA for Hydra, or RS232 for Hercules) to the H2000 for instrument data into Exp. On a Hercules you can then still push exp distance and bearing (I do it as an alternating pair) back to the instruments for display on deck.

I ended up with a new B&G GPS, but that was N2K only (it made sense as I was putting in some other new N2K kit). I then used an H5000 Fastnet gateway to put the H2000 data on the N2K but, but it's one way only (which is a shame, as it worked perfectly - though it needs a firmware update to put H2000 depth onto N2K correctly). I had to use an N2K to NMEA0183 converter to push the GPS data back to the H2000. 

If you're willing to live with only Exp knowing about the position data, then most cheap GPSs will work. 

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