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7/08/2019 12:38 am  #1


I was racing on a boat at the weekend with a Comra Systems nmea-2-wifi unit and have included the config here for reference as I could not find any existing data on it.

The unit offers a mux for nmea 0183 @ 4800 + 34800 and distributes this over wifi

To support the unit I increased the number of networks ports by 1, leaving 0 for the expedition feed
The Comar unit SSID is ‘Wifi-2-NMEA XXXX’, where the later is unique to the device with no password
Server address is and it will allocate an address with of or higher to the device

Since it is distributing NMEA 0183 you display the raw data to check the feed. I then changed the expedition network address to for the UDP data.

Manual is available here but note you need to create an account to access it - https://comarsystems.com/download/nmea-2-wifi-manual/


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