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6/17/2019 1:52 am  #1

H5000 and Gofree/wireless connection

After looking at other threads, I decided that my questions required a new one.  Using Getac T800 with no ethernet port, H5000 (Hercules), Gofree, Zeus 2 (9).  All devices running latest software.  

Successfully accessed 5000 via websocket using a usb ethernet adapter.  Plans are to get a small notebook at nav station.  But for now it’s the Getac.  Despite tablet showing as connected to the Gofree, cannot access data wirelessly.  Expedition manual indicates that I need to run an ethernet cable to the Gofree.  Here’s the problem.  Only 2 ethernet ports; 1 for satellite weather, 1 to MFD.  H5000 communicates with MFD and displays via CAN.  I assume that data is getting to Gofree via connection to MFD.  Am I wrong?  Is there a simplified article on Expedition and Gofree?

Problem 2, Getting gribs.  I assume that the Gofree has to be in Access Point mode to access data and in client mode to download gribs.  Is it worth the trouble of switching back and forth?  I was on a big boat last week and they have a linksys router.  I’m only 36 feet long.  I’d like to make things work with the Gofree.  I’d appreciate any guidance on proper configuration.  Thanks.

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6/17/2019 3:01 am  #2

Re: H5000 and Gofree/wireless connection

I have found wireless connections btwn the processor and a device (Getac, laptop, doesn't matter) always problematical.  Go blue cable.  Since one port is taken by satfone, add a switch to manage your WAN connections.


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