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2/28/2019 9:01 pm  #11

Re: Reanalysis Grib

This link that Campbell provided works quite well for ECMWF...  The registration process was nice and quick and only a valid email was required to be provided and then verified and password setup.  Thank you Campbell!



3/11/2019 1:41 pm  #12

Re: Reanalysis Grib

Also check out the UERRA project for some high-res (regional) European reanalysis models.

On a related note: Have you guys developed an efficient workflow once you have gotten hold of the data?

For example, how would I run routings starting a few hours around noon every day, for 10 days before and after day X (raceday), for the past 15 years? The staggered start times in 'multiple' require evenly spaced gaps, right? So it's either hourly, daily, or yearly routes, but no combination of these whilst skipping the winters.

As a workaround I've been playing with the idea of changing the timestamps on the GRIBs so they would all 'look' like a single year, but that seems even more tedious then just clicking the button a 100 times and watching the paint dry.

In a perfect world, I'd run this for various polars (eg sail suits / boat modes), with a single click on some kind of 'batch-routing'-feature. Is there some hidden possibility there, or should this move to feature requests?

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3/11/2019 4:14 pm  #13

Re: Reanalysis Grib

You have a link you can share that gets us to this?

"Also check out the UERRA project for some high-res (regional) European reanalysis models."


3/11/2019 11:52 pm  #14

Re: Reanalysis Grib

From the project website: http://www.uerra.eu/outreach/data-and-products/data-sets.html
Most models can be downloaded through the ECMWF website (or through a Python script), some also directly from the web. Lots of detail and comparison of model features in the pdf-reports on their site, too.


3/13/2019 3:55 am  #15

Re: Reanalysis Grib

the script works really well.


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