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Model Accuracy » How does Model Accuracy actually work? » 5/19/2019 9:38 am

Model Accuracy allows a navigator and crew to instantly understand the strengths and weaknesses of particular GRIB sources (ex: GFS, EC, COAMPS, Predict Wind, ect…) and make a more educated and confident decision on which GRIB source to trust the most. The utility of tracking macro and micro shifts in TWD and watching the shifts inside frontal systems is invaluable in understanding the power of each GRIB source. The ability to have absolute confidence in the primary GRIB which you are routing your boat off of is in fact the best GRIB available is truly intangible. It allows the navigator to spend less time in the nav station and more time resting or on deck.

It allows the crew to know the heading and tactics are based off the best information available and nothing was left to just a “gut feeling” or chance.Inside the graphical plots and results pages the user can identify the “tendencies” of each GRIB (forecasting under/over speed for TWS or TWD left or right of actual captured data). Understanding the EXACT tendencies over a selected time period will allow the navigator to correctly twist TWD and raise/lower TWS inside the optimal routing functions of other sailing software. This way the projected optimal course can always be based on not only the most accurate weather file, but the most accurate weather file that is correctly “calibrated” for the current and past forecast errors. 

There are a plethora of GRIB sources, all claiming they are the best source for you and your team to trust as you cross an ocean. Finally there is an application which provides a metric for the consumer, the absolute end user, which ranks the  accuracy of different GRIB sources and exposes their successes and shortcomings. This software was made strictly for you, the sailor.

Professional sailing teams spend massive amounts of time and money constantly refining the VPPs (polars) of the boat to ensure the optimal routing software has the most accurate projected performan

Model Accuracy » v1.102 » 5/19/2019 9:33 am

Version 1.102 has been released! v1.102

  • Fixed locale to US, to avoid problems with differet number formats (thanks to Clement Bourgeois for his help tracking that down).
  • NOAA buoy data fetched for last 45 days (up from 5 days in 1.101).
  • Improved handling of cases where the log and GRIB data don't match well, e.g., they don't even overlap.
  • Change handling of NOAA data to never delete, but to archive old data that is not contiguous with new data.
  • Message window has Clear and Dismiss buttons
  • Various bug fixes.


Also be sure to check out the latest custom weather websites for Around Block Island Race! We added a new custom SAILDOCS grib file subscription template to make it even easier to get grib files while underway!


Model Accuracy » ModelAccuracy » 4/30/2019 1:22 pm


Hey there! We would love to show you a private software demo if you like! just drop us a line and we can get your schedule. We also have a ton of new user tutorials listed here: tutorial page

Make sure to join our mailing list if you like. You can sign up here:  download page

 Model Accuracy can now handle Expedition, Adrena, and NOAA Weather buoy log files so we hope to really saturate the log file analysis market! 

-Model Accuracy

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