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Technical Q&A » AIS da » 9/29/2021 12:42 pm

Finally getting back to sorting the AIS broadcast issue. saved a section of the data from both the nav station PC and the remote tablet for reference.  Could this be a settings issue?

Nav Station PC - Hardwired into AIS reciever. Recieved and displays without issue


















Remote Tablet - AIS data received Via UDP  - Doesnt recieve





Technical Q&A » AIS da » 8/05/2021 3:08 pm

Thanks for the quick reply,

it's a NAIS-500,  NMEA 1083 AIS instrument type with a 38400 Baud rate coming in via COM port (USB), , it looks normal and is received properly on the nav station laptop, but all scattered on the remote tablet.

on the remote tablet, I set up a UDP network connection and match the port and select NMEA 0183 AIS for the instrument type. 

Am I missing anything obvious?

Technical Q&A » AIS da » 8/04/2021 3:10 pm


looking for a good way to share AIS data between multiple PC's onboard.

The boat has an H5000 system and AIS data is sent to nav PC via USB, looking for a solution to rebroadcast data via wifi to an on-deck tablet. I have tried the "broadcast received data" under the AIS connection channel and it appears to send the data but doesn't properly format the data and won't be properly read by the tablet. The 0183 sentences are sent as a continuous stream without the proper line breaks.

Is there a good stable way to share USB 0183 data from one instance of expedition to another via a wifi network?

Technical Q&A » Error trying to download NOAA images » 6/03/2021 11:35 am

Have tried to download images from all of the sources.

I am able to download the Australia BOM images, all others from any of the sources return the error.

Technical Q&A » Error trying to download NOAA images » 6/02/2021 8:54 pm

Finding an error when I try to download NOAA surface images.

Get an error message reporting "Forbidden, Unable to obtain data"

I'm able to download gribs and other data without issue, what am I missing?


Questions about Expedition features » Start mark pings from tablet to nav PC » 3/31/2021 10:44 pm

Hello, moving this discussion to a more appropriate board.Recently I set up a windows tablet running Expedition for use on a deck connected via a WiFi Expedition UDP network to a hardwired PC at the nav station.

I have position data and marks communicating between the two systems properly and I can initiate a start timer from the tablet, I am running into a problem when I ping the start line marks on the tablet it does not update the marks on the PC.

Is there a way to enable it so that if I ping a start mark on the tablet it updates the mark location on the nav station PC or vice versa?Any recommendations or suggestions?

Software Releases » No position or AIS data in Expedition connection after 11.8.6 » 3/30/2021 12:57 pm

Thank you for the quick reply Nick,

Understood on the AIS, I Will try to set up a UDP broadcast from the AIS com port.

I am using an expedition data type UDP network connection, sending and receiving numeric channel data but no position data is being received by the tablet. I was getting position data when I tested it before updating. 

Is there a specific RX/TX channel selection needed to get it to pass position data via the Expedition data connection?

Software Releases » No position or AIS data in Expedition connection after 11.8.6 » 3/30/2021 11:06 am


After updating to 11.8.6 I have lost position and AIS data on my on-deck tablet connected to the boat PC via an Expedition UDP connection. Data channels come through correctly but that is it. I can't find any relevant options that got switched. Boat PC has AIS and position data being received normally.

Hoping it's a simple fix or oversight on my side, does anyone has a similar issue?

Thank you,

Technical Q&A » XDR Sentence List » 3/23/2020 2:11 pm

Is their a list of XDR sentence examples that expedition can receive?

I know the available sentences can be viewed in the NMEA 0183 options section of the Instruments options page, just wondering if a more complete list is available? Planning on using some social distancing to create some sensors for our system so would a starting place beyond Heel/Trimm and Baro pressure.


Software Releases » 11.0.9 Crashing when timer starts » 3/14/2020 10:06 pm

I just wanted to follow up that I experimented with other quick access toolbar buttons and found that most also crash the program, which seems more to do with any triggered state change which might explain why they clock starting would crash it since it auto shifts to pre start.

Originally i put the timer button there and it crashes the program as the clock counts down, but does not if initiated from the normal menu, additionally, adding a state change or the start page view button to the quick access toolbar also causes the program to crash when they are used.

I just wanted to share what I've been learning.

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