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Suggestions for new features and capabilities » Editing Polar » 9/14/2022 2:33 am

I'd like the polar to be edited to stand out more.

eg colour it red and thicken the line a few points.

Technical Q&A » Cross tides & Optimal routing » 9/07/2022 11:33 am

This might be a stupid question but here goes.  How does Exp Opt routing deal with a race with cross tides that are likely to cancel out over the duration of the race?

Questions about Expedition features » Numbers Box Auto-hide Problem » 9/01/2022 4:08 am

Anyone else finding that their Numbers Box, Wind palette etc, aren't auto-hiding properly?  Mine get stuck open even though Auto Hide is set to On.

Software Releases » Auto-hiding panels getting stuck » 7/13/2022 9:45 am

Anyone else having an issue with auto-hiding windows getting intermittantly stuck on?

Software Releases » Toolbar Icons » 5/19/2022 11:14 am

I had Simple Ribbon enabled.

Software Releases » Toolbar Icons » 5/19/2022 12:32 am

Is anyone else finding the toolbar icons too small & fiddly to use on a deck screen?

Software Releases » Optimal Routing » 9/21/2021 4:40 am

I can't help thinking:

1.  The OR stepper controls should be on the OR panel;
2.  When stepping through the OR, could the map display scroll to keep in the position central on the map screen?

Technical Q&A » Start +10s » 8/09/2021 3:30 am

Is there a way to get Exp to change the state to Racing and to the Chart display, at gun+10s?

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