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General Discussion » Polars: which, where, when, why & how » 1/26/2020 10:41 am

A further question: on the light wind side... 
We just spent 6 hours racing in the "Three Bridge Fiasco" where the winds were max of 10 kts and more commonly under 4kts. 
The standard US SAILING VPP had 6 kts as the minimum TWS.
There's interpolation between TWS values, and 0 kts at 0 TWS is an obvious point.
Is there any value to having more points between 0 & 6  ? 
Specifically, how many more TWS steps make a difference for predicting Target angles/Speeds and routing when the wind is light? 

is "3" kts sufficient or do I need 2 & 4 ?  
I can use tests and take the data to a curve fitting program to extract those values. 


General Discussion » Choosing Grid and Isochrone resolution » 1/24/2020 3:25 pm

I'm having great fun routing the Three Bridge Fiasco for tomorrow, where there are three marks about 7 miles apart in a rough triangle, in SFBAY. The course is go around all marks, cross the start/finish line at start and finish in either direction... https://imgur.com/a/IywuwuU

Question: where the wind and currents are notoriously variable, and the shoreline, islands, bridges, and exclusion zones make some of the available channels small, what is the effect of changing the grid size and time resolutions ?

Currently successful at 0.25 nm and 30 min. Not sure if there's any point in being that small, or would coarser not only run faster, but give equal optimization in a practical sense. 

Should those values be proportional to the expected Boat speed ? e.g if I am using 0.25 nm and go 4 kts, then should be at ~5 min time steps? 

The routing is coming out with 3-5 min steps already, which are incremental distances close to the grid.. 

Questions about Expedition features » "ensemble courses" (three Bridge Fiasco SFBAY) » 1/02/2020 2:25 pm

I can do that, was more hoping to be able to skew either tide/wind to enable alignment, need to go back and review what I can do to the delay on the Weather. The Time of day effects here are significant, more so in the summer with the Central Valley Thermal pulling convection sea breeze through the gate, but even in Winter we get a > 40 F degree difference Ocean to Modesto in the afternoon. Absent a storm and Southerly cyclonic winds we have a pretty consistent NW gradient, with strong intensity variations from 0900-1600. If we do have storm(s) then the rainfall in the foothills and runoff down the Sacramento and other rivers will muck with the tide forecast a bit, especially up by the Richmond Bridge delaying the minimum, weakening the flood current, and enhancing the ebb current. 

Such "fun" to be had 

Questions about Expedition features » "ensemble courses" (three Bridge Fiasco SFBAY) » 1/02/2020 12:26 pm

That’s what I’m doing, I figured out how to rename solutions so I can code to course.

Next question is to use multiple weather files (days or ensemble) with same state of tide file. 

I have a source for actual HF radar doppler tide at 500 m resolution. May not be able to convert to grib in next weeks.

Questions about Expedition features » "ensemble courses" (three Bridge Fiasco SFBAY) » 1/01/2020 7:48 pm

Any simple way to run routing on multiple courses
We have a race coming that is a pursuit start at calculated time in either direction, go around three marks in any order/direction and finish. 
you can generalize as a triangle with the two course marks that the start line is between as first/last in forward/reversed directions, and solve for clockwise vs anti-clockwise 

When I run routing, it shows the timestamp of the weather file, and no where that I can find the active course and direction.

in a manner similar to the ensemble routing, I'd like to be able to setup and run multiple courses/directions sequentially vs different weather files to assess the choices, without having to export and re-label. 

Any thoughts? 

Networking Issues » H3000 Analogue Displays from Exp/H5000/Zeus » 7/10/2019 4:33 pm

TomH wrote:

For the H3K analogues question:  That said, I seem to recall that the H3K analogues were N2K/Simnet devices not fastnet. That would explain why they did work, and suggest that the H5k update stopped the right PGNs getting on the bus. If they are N2K might you be able to put out the right PGNs from Expedition?

Interesting idea. Since it's the Zeus Update that killed it, I would presumably need to make a 2nd NMEA 2k buss that was NOT connected to the Zeus for them. Not quite sure how to configure that as it's multi talker/listener. 


Networking Issues » H3000 Analogue Displays from Exp/H5000/Zeus » 3/30/2019 6:55 pm

Blizzard wrote:

H3000 also works with NMEA 0183. You could use an Actisense or similar device, to tie the displays into your N2k.

H3000 can be problematic with external data, though. We have had trouble with our one H3000 GFD freezing while displaying info from the chartplotter and Expedition. The rest of the system is H2000, which works fine.

I was told by our B&G vendor that H3000 never received an update to handle external data, as support was dropped in favor of H5000.

I have NMEA 0183 available, are you suggesting I could run it over the fastnet/simnet wiring to the analogue displays ?

I thought I would need an H3000 NMEA FFD, which are pretty hard to find at this point

Tinley seems like it might be a solution. https://www.tinleyelectronics.com/home.htm

Networking Issues » H3000 Analogue Displays from Exp/H5000/Zeus » 3/30/2019 1:51 pm

I was given a set of analogue displays that are H3000 with the Yellow fastnet connectors. 
I think that they used to work off the N2k from H5000/Zeus. but stopped with the Nov '18 software update. 
Currently have H5000 wired to Zeus by N2k then ethernet to WiFi to EXP, can reconnect H5000 to ethernet as well.  

Any reasonable path to getting them working (I think that would require sending the fastnet sentences?) 
 Can I configure EXP to output Fastnet as well as N2k, (multiple software ports? ) 
and send over wifi--> ethernet-> Zeus-> NMEA2k--> H3000 gauge or will the Zeus strip out Fastnet ? 
Do I Need a separate physical wifi--> N2k bridge that can be plugged into the H3000 ? 

Networking Issues » H5K Not all data reaching Expedition » 5/24/2018 11:48 am

Had a different issue in that my H5000 calcuations were not showing up, but the NMEA2000 data were, Took a bit of figuring out that the H5000 was offline on ethernet, but the MFD was rebroadcasting N2K over NMEA0183 on Ethernet/wifi 

Community Resources » Yucatan Current data and strategy? St Pete -IslaMujeres » 4/04/2018 7:07 pm

One of my crew will be taking my  computer and Expedition  on the Isla Mujeres Race from St. Petersberg FL

​suggestions on data sources for the Gulf currents  ? 


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