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Networking Issues » H3000 Analogue Displays from Exp/H5000/Zeus » 7/10/2019 4:33 pm

TomH wrote:

For the H3K analogues question:  That said, I seem to recall that the H3K analogues were N2K/Simnet devices not fastnet. That would explain why they did work, and suggest that the H5k update stopped the right PGNs getting on the bus. If they are N2K might you be able to put out the right PGNs from Expedition?

Interesting idea. Since it's the Zeus Update that killed it, I would presumably need to make a 2nd NMEA 2k buss that was NOT connected to the Zeus for them. Not quite sure how to configure that as it's multi talker/listener. 


Networking Issues » H3000 Analogue Displays from Exp/H5000/Zeus » 3/30/2019 6:55 pm

Blizzard wrote:

H3000 also works with NMEA 0183. You could use an Actisense or similar device, to tie the displays into your N2k.

H3000 can be problematic with external data, though. We have had trouble with our one H3000 GFD freezing while displaying info from the chartplotter and Expedition. The rest of the system is H2000, which works fine.

I was told by our B&G vendor that H3000 never received an update to handle external data, as support was dropped in favor of H5000.

I have NMEA 0183 available, are you suggesting I could run it over the fastnet/simnet wiring to the analogue displays ?

I thought I would need an H3000 NMEA FFD, which are pretty hard to find at this point

Tinley seems like it might be a solution. https://www.tinleyelectronics.com/home.htm

Networking Issues » H3000 Analogue Displays from Exp/H5000/Zeus » 3/30/2019 1:51 pm

I was given a set of analogue displays that are H3000 with the Yellow fastnet connectors. 
I think that they used to work off the N2k from H5000/Zeus. but stopped with the Nov '18 software update. 
Currently have H5000 wired to Zeus by N2k then ethernet to WiFi to EXP, can reconnect H5000 to ethernet as well.  

Any reasonable path to getting them working (I think that would require sending the fastnet sentences?) 
 Can I configure EXP to output Fastnet as well as N2k, (multiple software ports? ) 
and send over wifi--> ethernet-> Zeus-> NMEA2k--> H3000 gauge or will the Zeus strip out Fastnet ? 
Do I Need a separate physical wifi--> N2k bridge that can be plugged into the H3000 ? 

Networking Issues » H5K Not all data reaching Expedition » 5/24/2018 11:48 am

Had a different issue in that my H5000 calcuations were not showing up, but the NMEA2000 data were, Took a bit of figuring out that the H5000 was offline on ethernet, but the MFD was rebroadcasting N2K over NMEA0183 on Ethernet/wifi 

Community Resources » Yucatan Current data and strategy? St Pete -IslaMujeres » 4/04/2018 7:07 pm

One of my crew will be taking my  computer and Expedition  on the Isla Mujeres Race from St. Petersberg FL

​suggestions on data sources for the Gulf currents  ? 


Questions about Expedition features » Checking past race against new polars » 2/12/2018 4:32 pm

Polars are not embedded in your log file, so you should be able to just replay it, and display a Percentage of Polar based on new ones, using the old BSP, TWS, TWA. 

Comparing two sets across the log file, could be a bit trickier, though probably doable in Excel with some vlookups and interpolation/averaging work. 

General Discussion » Volvo Ocean Race » 11/12/2017 5:54 am

Ok, so then I delete that file  and rebuild  ? 
​will give it  a shot  


General Discussion » Volvo Ocean Race » 11/11/2017 6:23 pm

Saw chatter elsewhere that the YB  link was discontinued, can down load  the position  report  in  either  "SQUID" or "ADRENA" formats. Reformatted to match MIddle Sea  Race file format and  it uploaded boats,
​at which point  I found that I had all 112 of those boats still loaded. Could  not delete them....
​removed  boatids file etc  no effect

​Any suggestions on how to  clean out old  boats? and easiest  manner to  bring in positions if YB not  working ?

Technical Q&A » Damping - smoothing and averaging mechanisms » 11/05/2017 2:50 pm

The sensor data, and processing between actual physical device and any displayed value is far from simple.

Raw position, masthead/paddlewheel speed, heading, measured wind angles all can have offset errors due to poor installation, and deviations due to on board and atmospheric phenomena.  Scale errors can occur due to non linear flows.
Assuming you correct out those errors, the interactions due to heel, and acceleration of pitch, roll are a next.

Some sensors do insitu processing and send out nmea strings, some feed raw signals to a processor, which then become accessible to Expedition.

Leave your plotter powered up for a week, and you may find your boat is more active due to gps position noise than you would expect. Mine apparently has a 100m radius even though the dock lines constrain to 0.5. That does not manifest in SOG that I have ever noted, though having the ZGS-100 on stern rail and paddlewheel & compass near mast base give interesting differences during turns.

General Discussion » New boat new navigation system. Is Expedition the answer? » 10/16/2017 5:22 am

When you say “Navigation System” you don’t specify what you plan to use it for.

Exp, connected to a set of well calibrated instruments is valuable from beer cans to circumnavigation. (My use is the former)

We use it for calibration checking, data logging and replay, weather/tide evaluation vs courses, calculations beyond H5000, pre starting analysis and prediction. Not actively using it for “routing” as all races recently have been hours not days, and marks have been in sight.

Powerful tool, if you go with it. download Will Oxley’s books for a quicker start.

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