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Technical Q&A » AIS Simulater » 12/30/2021 2:52 pm

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Hi Guys

Looking for some help to complete a project I'm doing..  Building an AIS simulator.

My platform is a Raspberry 3B+ with a canbus 2.0 Hat running rasbian, whilst my PC is win11 with a teensy 3.6 canbus to usb interface for Expedition 4D 11.14.3. as well a teensy4.1 canbus to usb interface for the NMEA Reader from Antisense

Where am I upto you ask.... Ive got;

SAR Aircraft doing expanding orbits from a datum using PGNs 129798 and 129038
EPIRB active popup alert via PGN's 129038 and 129802
MOB active popup alert via PGN's 129038, 129802 and 129801(expedition doesn't recognise this PGN )
MOB active instruments via PGN 127233 

Currently working on DSC messages via PGN 129808(expedition doesn't recognise this PGN) and adding a variable drift factor for AIS emergency beacons. 
what I've found so far.. 
when you send a safety message via 129802 it isn't displayed in the "AIS,SART and DSC" window
when you get an EPIRB or MOB active alert it generates a new waypoint for every alert even though the MMSI is the same
there's no actually way of acknowledging the alert just close the window 

My end goal is simulate traffic and alerts via AIS / NMEA 2000 to help people understand it better.  There are so many people out there that dont understand and now with the proliferation of AIS enabled technologies out there it will just get worse.



General Discussion » C-Maps Error » 6/23/2021 12:13 am

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when you get 
"Error starting C-Map 4D
Is Maps Manager Installed? "

simply restarting the service..  "C-MAP Maps Manager" via the Services application will fix the issue when you restart expedition.

With the other issue.. the only way I've been able to fix it was to do an re-install expedition and select the repair option

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