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General Discussion » C-Maps Error » 6/09/2021 7:03 am

Well I was finally able to get everything working but it required a full wipe of Expedition unfortunately.  I had to uninstall then delete all the program files and programdata files left over to start from new (I pulled out the license file to put back in to the new install). 

I had tried doing the above for just Maps Manager but that didn't do it.  

After reinstalling both from scratch everything is working again.  It actually happened on my other copy of Expedition as well so I am going to see if C-Map can help me figure that one out without the full wipe and will let you know if I find the solution and what i did to get there.

General Discussion » C-Maps Error » 6/08/2021 11:27 am

I'm getting two popups when I open Expedition.  The first is


Error starting C-Map 4D
Is Maps Manager Installed? 

The second is:


Core::initialize ERROR!!!
Error when initialize CM library (Fonts NOT found.)

I can click okay on the first error and it starts with a white screen.  I can click over to ENCs and everything works.

If I click Okay to the second popup it will close.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled both the latest version of Expedition 4D and Maps Manager but he errors persist. 

I also followed the steps here: https://expedition.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=879 but to no success.

I even went as far as uninstalling Maps Manager and then deleting the whole ProgramData folder, then reinstalled Maps Manager and am having the same issues.

Any ideas?

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